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About Rosemary

I am a Cook-From-Scratch Mama (to 3 littles), a writer, published author, and devoted Yogi.

I love food. I love making food, sharing it with others, and tasting its wholesome, nourishing flavor.

Let's change the way cooking is done.


Cooking is fun and relaxing. It can be cathartic. If you are new to cooking at home, don't be scared. Try out my recipes, get some of my favorite recipe books, and play in the kitchen!

Nourishing your body, treating it as the Temple that it is, is a beautiful thing.

Facts about Rosemary:

I love farming. We homestead in the wilds of BC with grizzly bears. We grow a huge garden every year to feed our family - although it is not as easy as planting a seed. Watering, weeding, protecting from all manner of predators..that's the real farming not many talk about!

I wrote my first book in 2013 about my baby son's eczema and how I cured it with natural methods. It opened the flood gates of writing that I never knew I had in me. I had a deep desire to connect with other moms who both struggled with and felt deep joy in being a first-time mom.

I love woodworking, preserving the harvest, and being creative. Best of all, I love learning new things every day.

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