Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rosemary's books in print or just in e-book format?

They are beautiful, full-color e-books and any device can view them. However, Grow a Salad in Your City Apartment is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon. Rosemary's eczema book |The Natural Mama's Guide to Eczema| is in print on Amazon as well!

Can I pay for Rosemary's books with my Credit Card or Paypal or both?

You can pay with Credit Card, Debit, or Paypal. Just click Buy Now next to the product that you love!

How do I order Rosemary's e-books?

1. Simply click on Store 2. Scroll down to the product that you love 3. Click Buy Now 4. Thank you for your support and interest!

Can I get personal coaching from Rosemary?

Sure! I am not a certified coach, but I love helping all people become healthier, stronger, and have more fun in their lives. I have been trained as a personal development coach and have extensive knowledge of traditonal foods and cooking. Contact me and we can work out a schedule and payment plan that works for you! I can't wait to connect with you.

Does Rosemary sell a cookbook with all of her recipes?

Great question! Not yet, but in the future she plans to sell a healthy living book with all of her recipes in it as well as offer a pure living course to jumpstart your new healthy life! Email Rosemary if you're interested and she will do her best to expedite the process.

What format are the books in?

Rosemary's books on Payhip are in .pdf format, which most devices can download and view. Amazon books are available in paperback & Kindle.

How can I get in touch with Rosemary? I have a question for her.

You can email me right here. Thanks for getting in touch!

I'm Vegan, do your recipes and videos include options and advice for Vegans? Paleo? Keto diet?

Yes, to all of those! I don't have an emphasis on Veganism, but I always try to add options to my recipes that include all types of diets. I have more of a focus on a Paleo or Keto type-diet, but it is not especially heavy on meats. I try to have a balanced view of nutrition, and my family eats loads of veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, soaked/fermented grains, and also animal proteins. But I have some lovely friends who are Vegan and therefore I completely respect your choices if you are Vegan.

Are you going to do an e-book about how to make sourdough bread? Or Kefir? Kombucha? What about videos?

Yes, yes, yes! I will be doing e-books and videos on all of these topics in the near future. I can't wait to help you start your fermenting journey that leads to a happy gut.