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Stress-Relief & Peace For A New Year

I make time for unwinding every day. It is the most important thing I do for my family, and my own peace of mind.

I don't mean watching TV as "unwinding". I mean deep breathing. Stretching. Making a pot of tea that doesn't go cold by the time I start sipping it. Working on a creative project that brings me joy.

What's my secret?

My family supports it, and I make it a priority. Even when my son was a baby, I still made it work.

Here are my favorite yoga stretches that I do every. single. day. No matter what.

If you are new to yoga please visit to learn the correct alignment for each posture, or take a beginner class with a YouTube instructor. I am not a yoga instructor, I am only someone who has practiced yoga for 16 years and likes to share my experiences.

Forward Bend Pose

Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Triangle Pose

This last one is hard to photograph by myself. So let me explain how it should look:

- Lay flat on your back

- Cross your left knee on to your right side and try to touch the floor with the knee, while pushing gently on it with your right hand. The knee can touch the floor at any point, it can be much closer to the right ankle than the picture shows.

- Keep your left shoulder on the floor and reach your left hand out to the side, while looking to the left.

- You are twisting your body, for a delicious feeling and to release tension!

If you are pregnant, twisting is not good for the baby, so please refrain from doing twists.

You don't have to be flexible to do Yoga!

Just trying Yoga in the first place is helping to open you up & release tension.

If relaxing is hard for you in yoga and you find yourself very tense, try focusing on each breath:

"In deeply, then out deeply". And keep repeating that. I find that I am able to release into the pose much easier if I concentrate my attention on my breath and nothing else.


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