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5 Immune-Boosting Essential Oils

Note for Readers:

If you are pregnant and using essential oils, especially tea tree, be sure to review this excellent safety guide from Mom Loves Best titled: Is Tea Tree Oil During Pregnancy Safe?

Please use caution with essential oils and ask a health care practitioner before using them. Read more in this safety sheet:


Lavender – my favorite essential oil for stress, sleep, and relaxation. Stress & lack of sleep are the #1 drivers of illness. Ideas for using:

  • A drop on your pillow at night

  • 10 drops in your bath

  • Put it in a diffuser while doing yoga

  • A drop rubbed on your feet

Lemon – clarifying, reduces stress, and detoxifying.

  • Cut up lemons + chilled mineral water and drink

  • Pour boiling water over lemon slices + fresh ginger for a delicious tea

  • Put EO (essential oil) lemon in your diffuser

  • Use EO lemon in spray cleaners (10 drops in a spray bottle, then fill with water)

  • Make a EO perfume with witch hazel + lemon oil

A blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary (sometimes called Thieves) – spicy Christmas-smelling,

  • Mix ½ Witch Hazel ½ water + 5 drops of the mix (or one drop of each) in a small 3-5oz. spray bottle. Shake and spray on your body, car seats, counter-tops, anything!

  • I love it as a perfume in wintertime

  • Ask to use it in the oils at your next massage appointment

Frankincense – helps with mind focus, a disinfectant, an expectorant, and helps with mood.

  • Rub it on your chest with a few drops of olive oil for helping a chest cold

  • Pair with lemon EO for a gorgeous smell in your diffuser

  • Alternately, mix with lavender in the diffuser

Tea Tree oil – It is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, clears nasal passages, and supports overall bodily health and vitality.

  • One drop is excellent for cleaning wounds – I mix it with an olive oil-based salve for this

  • I put it in a homemade toothpaste, and it is the best oil for oral health

  • Make a mouthwash with 50% witch hazel 50% water + drops of your favorite oils (try peppermint, tea tree, spearmint, and one drop of juniper berry). 2-3 drops total for a small 5 oz. container and 3-5 drops total for an 8 oz. container.

When you're buying Essential Oils, be sure that you get Certified Organic. Pesticides that are in non-organic oils can be more concentrated and are very damaging to our bodies. For American readers, Mountain Rose Herbs sells Certified Organic EOs. I purchase my Organic essential oils from my local health food store (in Canada).

Only use essential oils with a carrier oil or witch hazel in the mouth. Never put essential oils in your eyes or nose.

Questions? What's your favorite essential oil?

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