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Growing High-Vitamin Salad Greens = Easy

Fresh foods straight from the garden still retain their highly-nutritious vitamins and enzymes versus store-bought produce.

Here in Canada we get most of our produce shipped from half-way around the world in Fall, Winter, and Spring. These highly-traveled foods have up to 30%-46% less nutrients in them because of travel time and from being picked green. You're losing key nutrients like lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.

And don't get me started on pre-washed pre-cut clamshell lettuce! You're buying packaged water, my dears.

But, growing food in a city seems impossible with no space, right?

Not at all! I grew salad greens and tomatoes on my city balcony for years!

If it sounds overwhelming or time-consuming, let me tell you that I've made it so easy for you, you'll be calling yourself a city farmer in no time!

Get my e-book:

Grow a Salad in Your City Apartment


  • How to grow sweet, tasty Tomatoes & Easy Varieties

  • Where to get plants in your area

  • Growing inside and outside

  • From Seed or with Plants?

  • Tips on extreme weather & protecting plants

  • Easy, low-maintenance Salad Greens

  • Best potting soil, where to get pots

  • Advice on watering & how to avoid over-watering

  • All the Beginner's Guidance you need!

  • Bonus: Salad Recipe + Vinaigrette Recipe

Spring is almost here! Get your copy today & have elevated, rejuvenated health


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