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Life-Long Sugar-Addicted Customers

Avoiding sugar is really hot right now. Everyone is talking about it.

I'm so elated that this is finally getting talked about. Food companies who are hiding sugar/glucose/high-fructose corn syrup in their products are getting outed.

No hiding anymore, guys!

My family has been avoiding sugar for over 10 years now. That's not to say that we don't have the occasional treat. But on a daily basis, we eat only about 1 Tablespoon of raw honey in our tea or coffee. My kids? They only eat fresh fruits and some honey in their oatmeal.

Since we "quit" sugar, I find that my cravings are more for salty foods, fresh fruits & veg, creamy/cheesy foods. All of those things are good for me, so

Me = 1, Sugar = 0

How do we do this? By not eating processed and packaged foods. There's no reading ingredient labels, no trying to remember all of the names of sugar and it's relatives. So much easier! That's why I want to encourage others to cook from scratch, even if it's for just one meal a day or even once per week.

Public Health Ontario tested over 40,000 products sold in grocery stores recently. Turns out most of the products labeled "healthy" actually had significantly more sugar than other products.

Top of the list? Granola/snack bars! 99% of them had lots of added sugar. Watch out for juice & yogurt as well they were right below snack bars.

And the most disconcerting news? Baby formula, baby food, and snacks for kids all had lots of added sugars. This creates a situation where those babies grow up and are life-long customers, since they crave the sweet taste = Diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease.

How do we fight this?

Choose to cook one supper per week at home. Do it as a family. Or if it's more fun for you, do it by yourself with some tunes blasting in the background. Listen to a podcast while cooking.

Pick one day in the week to pack snacks and lunches for your kids. Don't rely on the school cafeteria to supply your child with wholesome, healthy meals. If your kids are over the age of 6, they can pack their own lunches! Set out the options ahead of time: real cheese (not packaged, individually wrapped plastic cheese!), apples, some organic jerky, nuts, veggies & get the idea.

Make flavored water (with lemons, or cucumbers) for your kids instead of sodas or flavored milk.

Take baby steps. You're setting yourself up for a healthy, energy-filled life!

Want to learn how to cook from scratch?

Are you frustrated about where to start a healthier life? Does it seem impossible? Learn about my Pure Living Course

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