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Good Fats Vs. Bad Fats - Are You Eating Toxins?

Have you been told that cholesterol is bad? Watch this video to learn about the anti-microbial properties of cholesterol in grass-fed butter and other healthy fats. Even if you're vegan, I've got some suggestions for you. Don't be afraid to eat fat! Contrary to popular belief, fat does not make you fat.

Sugar makes you fat. Processed foods make you fat. Low-fat products made in a factory make you fat. Fatty organic foods heal your body, your cells, and protect you from disease and aging.

Watch the whole video since I help you with specific oils for frying/baking/dressings at the end! Don't make the mistake of using olive oil for high-heat frying! Learn to use these fabulous fats and cook from scratch! Get your fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin D, K, etc.) in your foods, using high-quality fats and oils.

Great fats for Eating:

- olive oil

- fatty fish (sardines, salmon, fish eggs)

- avocado

- grass-fed butter or at least organic butter (anti-microbial, keeps your immune system healthy, protects you from viruses & bad bacteria in the gut), don't be afraid of butter!

- coconut oil

- organic egg yolks

- organ meats

- organic no-junk mayo (look for ones with avocado oil and free-range egg yolks)

- organic grass-fed cream

- organic full-fat yogurt/buttermilk/sour cream/cheeses (these actually have very little fat in them, but they are still good for the gut)

- Nut butters (not my favorite though because they are not soaked before roasting & raw is hard on the gut)


- processed "butter" products

- palm oil

- margarine

- crisco

- fake whipped cream

- vegan cheese, unless made from soaked nuts

- soy products (messes with our hormonal system)

- low-fat anything (these products usually have toxic, highly processed milk products in them - all nutrition is gone from them)

Fats for Frying or Cooking:

- duck fat

- lard (organic, free-range, please)

- butter (lower heat frying)

For Salad Dressings:

- Olive oil

- Avocado Oil

For Desserts/Baking:

- Butter

- Coconut OIl

- Leaf lard (has a more clean taste than normal lard)

Thanks for watching! Questions? Leave me a comment.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so please consult your doctor before changing your diet. Naturopathic Doctors will be a lot more familiar with what I talk about than a normal family doctor, so try seeing them for your primary care provider.

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