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5 Min High Vitamin Salad Recipe - Let's Go!

Watch my quick video showing you my fabulous 5 Minute Salad Recipe! It's full of nutritious beautiful greens, which is a great way to get lots of fiber and vitamins from real foods.

I also show you newbie cooks how to easily and quickly chop herbs and veggies. You won't believe how fast you can throw together a nutritious healthy salad for the whole family!

Ditch the pre-washed, pre-mixed salad greens.

They have lost at least 60% of their nutritional value. Making a salad from fresh ingredients is the only good way to honor your body and treat it right.

I try to buy local veg from my farmers market, but if there isn't much to choose from yet, start sprouting seeds and using basic carrots/lettuce/dandelions from further away. And in the meantime, start growing your own greens!

Want to know how to grow these gorgeous veggies? I've got the perfect book for you. My new book will show even the newest gardener how to grow fresh greens and herbs for your (daily, right?) salads!

Thanks for watching!

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