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Iron-Rich Beef Taco Mix - Perfect for Packed Lunches

Hello friends! I have realized a big dream of mine. To write for Mother Earth News, a magazine that I have loved and used for over 10 years. They have accepted me as a Blogger! Here's the intro to my first article with them.

My family loves eating organic, grass-fed, humanely-raised meat.

The meat we buy is from a farm I have visited for myself to see the conditions that the animals are living in. I want to know that my meat was happy and healthy before giving its life for my benefit. I also have great relationships with many farmers in my area, and I am grateful to have that connection to my food. We have celebrated my children’s birthdays at these farms, helped feed the animals, and helped to harvest this precious food.

Most importantly, we are able to see first-hand the enormous effort it takes to produce good-quality meat.

Read my article and get the recipe for my tasty Beef Taco Mix!

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