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Handmade Christmas! Spicy Indian Chai Recipe

Happy Holidays to you!

I’m going to be a little out-of-the-box, and say that my family doesn’t give store-bought Christmas gifts any more. We make simple gifts from the heart. I haven’t bought gifts for the last few years and truthfully it is really a big weight off of my shoulders. I think it’s more fun to make gifts anyway!

Although making gifts takes more creativity, I really love how we do it because it takes the stress out of the holidays: no running around in the car, no frantically searching online for the perfect gift.

The only exception I make to that rule is getting a Mother Earth News subscription for a family member and her husband. They live in a rural area and are basically homesteaders (although they’re much too modest to say so), and they love reading about other DIYers/farmers/homesteaders. I was a big fan of Mother Earth News even before I became a blogger!

I love giving the gift of education or a handcrafted gift. For other friends and relatives, I sometimes make a knitted gift, or a hand-sewn gift - one year I made little cloth cats for our son’s little friends - or simply a watercolor painting done from the heart. I have to give credit to my Mother who taught me how to make beautiful, handmade things for Christmas and she still does it every year, bless her heart.

Read the rest of my Handmade Christmas List at Mother Earth News!


Rosemary Hansen is an Author, Homesteading Mama, and a Chef. She has spent the last 10 years “homesteading” in the city. She and her family have just started their off-grid homestead in rural British Columbia, Canada. Her books, Grow a Salad In Your City Apartment and Rosemary’s Natural Cosmetic Guide are a great way to ease into a healthy, pure lifestyle. You can connect with Rosemary at her website: or on her YouTube channel.

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