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Teriyaki Farm Greens

After a bountiful harvest with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we’ve stored up some farm greens in our freezer and also are growing kale in the garden this mild winter. So, I wanted to use them up and add a little spice kick to them! This recipe makes Teriyaki sauce from scratch, which in my opinion, is far superior to bottled Teriyaki sauce.

All it takes is some fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, honey, and a few other easy ingredients.

I love serving these leafy greens with white rice, and the sauce is strong enough that you won’t need to put soy sauce on your rice.

My recipes are very flexible, as I know most busy cooks don’t have the time to pick out exact ingredients or go back to the store for one particular thing. You can substitute with any number of vegetables, which I will list below. Feel free to use up pantry items in here too, such as white beans, lentils, and quinoa or millet in place of rice.

Get the recipe at Mother Earth News!


In case you missed it, I've had the honor of having my newest book reviewed by a staff member, Nicole Alderman. Permies is the ultimate go-to place for gardening, homesteading, orchard-starting DIY tips, and everything else wonderful that you can imagine!

Here is her review quoted (emphasis added is mine):

"I give this book 9.25 out of 10 acorns! I'm not urban, but I very much enjoyed this book, and learned quite a bit from it. I like that she included a section on spouting seeds to eat. This wasn't something I was expecting to see in a gardening book, but it makes total sense, especially when there's little room for a garden. Jars of sprouting seeds don't take up that much space and really do add nutrients! I love all the details she gives on why sprouts are good for you, and how to buy the seeds affordably, and different methods for sprouting. There's sections on raising earthworms, starting plants from seeds, how to buy and transplant starts, how to protect your plants from harsh weather events, and even some recipes. I really enjoyed the chapter on gleaning, and the tips for how to go about it. I drive by a lot of fallen fruit in our area, but have never known how to go about asking people if I could harvest from their trees. This is a relatively short book and a quick read, but it's packed full of information in much the same way an apartment balcony gets packed full of plants. The author utilizes the space very well!"

Are you chomping at the bit to get your hands on my book?

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