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The Secret to Affording Organic Food Part 1

How can we talk about beautiful, healthy organic food if we don't talk about how to afford it? My solution is this: A Grocery Expenses Chart to keep track of your expenses and save money on key items for your family's nutrition and survival. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

Click on the bag with a heart on it to download the chart in pdf format!

Using this chart is my favorite way to save on my Organic grocery bill! If you've struggled in the past to be able to afford Organic food, this tool will help you to control your spending and give you a simple, clear picture of the month's food bills.

How to Use My Chart

  • Set a monthly goal at the top of the chart.

  • Mark the Trip # in the month (so, if this is your first trip to the store in February, mark down #1). This helps provide a visual so that it’s easy to break up each month’s spending. Also, if you forgot the date you went to the store, you will know what trip # it was. It’s not a necessary feature, but one I find that is helpful.

  • Mark down the date that you went to the store.

  • Save your receipts so that you can mark the subtotal down after each individual store run (even if you only spent $20!).

  • Don’t forget to add any Amazon or other online food purchases!

  • In the Notes section, comment on what items were indulgences or treats. In other words, where can you improve for next time? What items are over $10?

  • Add up the totals as you go in the Running Total section (so each trip in the month is added to the previous subtotal). Once you finish the month, start noting Trip #1 again for the next month.

Read the full article and my tips on Mother Earth News!

What are your secrets for affording organic foods? I hope this chart helps you and inspires you to save money for the important things in healthy food!

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