New Book and Free Sample for You! What Do You LOVE & Are Obsessed With?

Rosemary here!

I hope you are enjoying Spring, I know I am!

I've been busily Stratifying my tree and perennial seeds in preparation for a glorious gardening season. My son and I have been planting onion seeds, Arnica seeds, peppers, parsley, Princess Tree, and lots more! It's been really fun to have a gardening partner, he is so diligent and soaks up knowledge like a sponge.

So, I've been in a cross-roads mentally/emotionally as well.

I've been asking myself:

What do my readers want? What do they love to read about? What topics get them excited and ready to change their life for the better?

I think it's important to ask you these questions. To hear your voice, get your feedback, and tailor my writing to YOU.

I also am on the cusp of publishing a pretty little Food, Body & Life Journal and I want some valuable feedback on it. So without further ado, I will show you my cover mock-up. What do you think?

Please take 5 minutes and fill out my survey so that I can better serve your needs!I want to know what you're obsessed with right now, whether you like my future product ideas, and what your thoughts are about my new book. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! Click the link below now:

I will send everyone who is part of my monthly-ish newsletter a free 20-Page sample from my new book! I hope you enjoy it and also like expressing your opinion. I'm also going to give my subscribers 10% off of all my e-books until June 1, 2019. So sign up now and get your coupon code! And THANK YOU for voicing your ideas, thoughts, and opinions to help me!

LOVE to You All

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