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Updated: Feb 14

Each day, we work relentlessly. Sunup to sundown. Awake at 6:30 - in bed, exhausted at 11pm. But we have a real purpose in life! I feel lucky to have this beautiful piece of paradise (mosquitoes and all), that many young people only dream of.

What have we been steadily working on?

Building duck runs for pastured eggs and meat. Our pekins are loving the rapidly growing grass and bugs!

Planting 12 huge apple trees we got in the mail (i.e. dig a 2 foot wide by 3 foot hole in rocky ground....12 times). We put them in a lovely column formation. Maybe our kids will walk down the aisle one day with apple blossoms floating in the air.

Planting 30 blueberry bushes in the middle of a pasture with 8 foot tall grass.

Planting 5 rows of potatoes in virgin ground (complete with 6 foot ferns and very aggressive rose bushes!).

Why don't I have pictures of all this progress?

Well, I don't have a photographer following me around all day (sigh).

If I take my phone with me, it will get wrecked by dirt, dust, dropped in duck manure...you get the idea.

The irony is that most people are very interested in seeing before and after photos, but when you work as hard as we do, it is very challenging to find the time to record what's happening. I know I need to work on that. I will thank myself later!

Okay, sometimes I have a chance to record what's happening. Here we were moving our new duck house (built from old fence boards), to the new pasture area. My nine year old got to help push the levers with his dad. He has been a fan of construction equipment since he was a toddler and we lived in the city. I used to walk to construction sites with him and once in awhile the workers would let him come in the cab and operate the bucket or push buttons. It was as cute as it sounds!

Farming gives someone deep purpose and a sense of fulfillment. What can be more rewarding than creating a legacy for future generations? We hope to generate a self-sustaining farm wherein our kids can stay with us and build their homes on the land with their spouses and children. I know that life throws lots of curveballs, so perhaps we will create something beautiful and then move on to some other adventure. But I am inspired to keep my children close to me and have multiple generations of our family working together every day. ❤









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