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Do You Grow Sprouts at Home?

The benefits of growing sprouts at home are enormous! It is the easiest thing to do, and you can make large amounts of greens for a salad in Wintertime or early Spring!

I made a short video with an update about the methods I use to avoid moldy sprouts. We've been sprouting at home for many years (before it was popular!), and now my 8 year old is in charge of watering and harvesting them. What a joy to pass on that job to him and help him feel like he's contributing to the family in a big way!

Check out my video and tell me what you think! Have you encountered mold before? Did it make you give up on sprouting?

Mold is very easy to avoid. I discovered that with good cleaning practices (using vinegar and water) and a few changes to our methods, we haven't had any mold for a long time now. Watch my video to the end to see some of my further ideas to combat mold.

If you are new to sprouting here are 3 reasons to sprout:

  • Sprouts contain a LOT of enzymes. They help with the digestion of foods and help the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals from those foods.

  • They also have lots of fiber, which feeds the good bacteria in our gut. Happy gut = better health.

  • Sprouts contain an excellent amount of Vitamin C and also Vitamin A. These vitamins help with immune function and inflammation in the body.


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