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How I Feed My Family of Five Whole, Nourishing Foods

I love cooking from scratch. Feeding my family whole foods is a gift for their current and future health. 

When I first started cooking from scratch, it was easiest to start with something simple, like breakfast. Most of us are used to eating cereal or toast for breakfast. But packaged cereals have been treated with high heat (making all fats go rancid in the grain). Store-bought granola, granola bars, quick oat mixes, cookies, store-bought bread, breakfast cereals, and other packaged grain foods will have high amounts of phytic acid in them and should be avoided altogether, in my opinion. Cereal companies will sometimes use chemicals to soften and “chew” up the grains for a consistent feel in the mouth. Then synthetic vitamins added back into the cereals are still destroyed by high heat at the end of the process. So, I concluded that eating these foods are not nutritious and nourishing for your body. If you want to read more about it, check out Sally Fallon’s famous cookbook, Nourishing Traditions

As a general rule, I like to find ways to substitute processed items for whole-food items in any given meal. What I mean by that is instead of toast with store-bought bread I will boil and mash potatoes or grate a sweet potato for latkes. If you can’t seem to kick the cereal habit in the morning, a better alternative is fresh sourdough bread with a slice of grass-fed butter on top. Look for “sour culture” or “sour leaven” in the ingredients to be sure you’re getting the real sourdough. However, I recommend trying to make your own sourdough. Store-bought bread doesn’t really hold a candle to homemade sourdough bread! In fact, commercial bread usually has lots of hidden ingredients that are not healthy for a person. 

These are our favorite healthy breakfast ideas from my family to yours:  


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