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Mental Health in the Covid Era

Are you feeling isolated from friends and family like me?

Being in nature helps. Watching the moon set in the morning. Pruning our 1/2 acre grove of 40+ yr old plum trees is physically challenging and helps to calm the mind. It requires walking through thick brush that is 12 feet tall, hacking our way through, while trying to save the new plum growth and cutting off dead branches. We have wild rose "trees" that grow to about 8-10 feet tall right up through the plum trees. Effectively choking them out.

It is inspiring to see the rampant growth of nature, the indomitable force of life.

Today it is -10 degrees C, but the windchill is -20 C! I had to use a hairdryer to get my front door open this morning.

I miss coffees with friends, going to the playground with my kids, and perusing the farmer's market for a handmade treasure.

I miss seeing people smile without a mask. I miss bear hugs with friends. Spontaneous fire pit parties. You get the idea. I'm sure you all can relate! Homesteading during covid can be a lonely thing. But at least I have the garden season to look forward to! I am happiest knee-deep in dirt encouraging beautiful green plants and looking at bugs. When gardening, I feel like I can truly think and breathe.

We are stratifying a lot of tree seeds right now in preparation for planting in spring. Persimmon, oak, chestnut, hazelnut, paw paw, apple, and pear. I'm going to do a massive planting of white & black mulberry trees, and arctic kiwi too! Over the winter, my husband made a drill-powered soil sifter and also a soil sterilizer so that we can make and use our own soil from the farm. We have some wonderful humus-filled forest dirt. I'm very excited for the growing season.

I hope to spend more time on this blog versus social media. This is my corner of internet, where I feel comfortable to express our thoughts and experiences on the farm.

What a view!

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