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Winter paid a short visit this morning.

Usually when I feed the ducks in the morning, the wild birds in the forest behind our house are just like a symphony. But this morning it was quiet, as the temperatures were too chilly for them. The air was cold, fresh, and earthy. I love the mornings (as long as I get a cup of tea!).

Our Pekin ducks are growing fast and are 6 weeks old! They will be moving into a nice spacious house soon. The picture above only shows a part of their house, it is just the right size for them. The nighttime temps have been too cold to put them out of the garage, but we will be getting lots of warmth this week.

Have you heard of Lovage and Welsh Onions? Lovage is a perennial (comes back every year without replanting) celery-like plant. My kids love celery, but it takes upwards of 110 days to grow celery from seed in the garden. I think Lovage will be a great addition to our salads this summer. I will update you on how it grows. So far I haven't had any sprout in about 2 weeks, but perennials usually take more time to sprout. I have planted them indoors and also direct-seeded them outdoors.

Welsh Onion is actually not from Wales, but it IS a perennial onion. I am looking forward to harvesting Onions from the garden in Spring (and every spring thereafter) instead of planting dozens of onion seeds every year. Welsh Onions are not a bulb onion however, so they don't directly substitute for onions. But they are like a large green onion, and very tasty!

My other favorite perennial greens include:

  • Good King Henry

  • Salad Burnet (leaves taste like cucumber)

  • Sorrel (lemony flavored greens)

  • Bloody Dock (bright red greens that taste the same as sorrel)










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