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Edible gardening 101 for
salad-loving city dwellers.
No backyard? No problem. 

Rosemary Hansen, chef and homesteader, grew salad greens and tomatoes on her city balcony for years. Learn how she did it with simple techniques.


What's Inside:

  • Grow Tomatoes

  • Gleaning FREE Fruit in Your Neighborhood

  • Wild Edibles

  • Grow Tons of Fresh Sprouts

  • Square Foot Gardening Interview

  • Extreme Weather Tips

  • Urban Worm Farming

  • Borscht Soup Recipe - for all those beets and carrots you'll grow!

  • Step by Step Guidance



This book is highly rated on Paul Wheaton's online gardening forum, given 9.25 acorns out of 10 by an expert staff member.


"A thoroughly enjoyable gardening book! Perfect for those of us who are beginners. I loved learning how to grow exotic greens like dandelions, chicory, sorrel, and flowers too!" Anna P., Doula & Photographer


"This book is well written and Rosemary makes it sound easy, like anyone can do it! My roomy and I love growing plants in our sunny little apartment and I think I want to try the sprouts for sure! I love to make salads and wraps!" - Desiree, 21, College Student


A Eating healthy, wholesome foods guide


Rosemary's Pure Living methods


Beautiful skin

My Pure Living Methods are simple: Good food, clean water, high-density whole vitamins from plants, mix in some stress-relieving techniques, and your body will say THANK YOU. Your skin will express it's gratitude by becoming more elastic, softer, and without blemishes.


What's Inside:

  • Recipes for healthy wholesome breakfasts, snacks, and packed lunches

  • Rosemary's favorite essential oils

  • How to combat sugar-cravings

  • How to quit coffee and soda

  • All about Fermented Cod-Liver Oil

  • The importance of fiber in a healthy diet

  • Inflammation-fighting foods



​"An immensely helpful guide to living a better, healthier life! I loved the mouth-watering pictures, it made me want to experiment in the kitchen again! Rosemary is so knowledgeable about living a more pure life - I learned a lot from this book!" Pam 34, Mother and Entrepreneur


"I wish I had bought this book 10 years ago! So many gems in here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rosemary" - Jane 31, Herbalist

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Mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm

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