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Following up her detailed and inspiring eczema guide, The Natural Mama's Guide to Eczema, comes Rosemary Hansen's newest beginner gardening book. In most cities, produce is shipped from around the world to your local grocery stores. These highly-traveled foods have up to 30%-46% less nutrients in them because of travel time and from being picked green. They've lost key nutrients like lutein, beta carotene, lycopene, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. But, how can you grow your own food in an apartment? Rosemary Hansen, chef and former urban homesteader, grew salad greens and tomatoes on her city balcony for years! Plus she will show you how to grow large quantities of sprouts for your salads and sandwiches right on your kitchen counter. She calls it her No-Fail Gardening Method. You’ll be calling yourself an urban farmer in no time!


This introduction to gardening is highly rated on Permies.com online gardening forum, given 9.25 acorns out of 10 by an expert staff member.

What's Inside:

  • The Secret to Growing Tomatoes + Easy Varieties

  • Gleaning FREE Fruit in Your Neighborhood - Interview w/ wise woman who has done it for 40+ yrs!

  • Finding Wild Edibles

  • Growing Fresh Sprouts Easily

  • Square Foot Gardening Interview w/ Expert

  • Extreme Weather Tips

  • Urban Worm Farming

  • Borscht Soup Recipe - for all those beets and carrots you'll grow!

  • All the Beginner's Guidance you need!


Rave Reviews:


"A thoroughly enjoyable gardening book! Perfect for those of us who are beginners. I loved learning how to grow exotic greens like dandelions, chicory, sorrel, and flowers too!" Anna P., Doula & Photographer


"I read through Rosemary's book, and other than the gardening with lights I have had the joy of regular gardening for many years. I did enjoy The Square Foot Gardening Interview and I loved seeing her [the expert- Cassie's] garden flourishing. I think it is amazing how much you can yield from a small area. If I knew nothing about gardening of any kind this would be a very helpful guide to a person with no experience. And it does make me want to start some seeds!" Vicki, Experienced Gardener & Crafty Mom


"This book is well written and Rosemary makes it sound easy, like anyone can do it! My roomy and I love growing plants in our sunny little apartment and I think I want to try the sprouts for sure! I love to make salads and wraps!" - Desiree, 21, College Student


"Thoroughly engaging and a beautiful book. Mmmm, persimmons, figs, grapefruits, my mouth is watering! [Referring to the "Harvesting Free Fruit in Your Neighborhood" section]. I never knew you could harvest so much fruit in the city!" - CM



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